the product

Touchizer is a small electronic device with a stylus converts any ordinary surface (Wall or LCD screen) into up to 100 inch interactive surface.

touchizer device

how it works

Everybody loves tech gadgets, Here is how it works. Its pretty simple, everyone can use Touchizer

Connect Device

Connect touchizer with pc through usb cable.

Configure Detector

Direct it to the projected area on the wall and use the pen to control the mouse .

Yay! Done.

Now you can use all computer cabapilities and interact with wall through pen.


Enjoy learning through Touchizer experience.

Any Flat Surface

Converts any flat surface into an interactive board.

Interactive Learning

Enables Interactive Learning, writing, editing & video recording.

Easy to Use

Touchizer designed to be easy for non tech educator or presenters.

Visual Aids

Enables the use of interactive applications, videos & pictures.

Computer Capabilities

Enables users to control PC via the display interactively.

Up To 100"

Provides interactive area up to 100" inch.



With Touchizer Packaging you will find this content.


what people are saying about Touchizer!

Good luck Touchizer , a great product that facilitates a lot of training & presentation activities. Looking forward to see your solutions applied & extended everywhere.

Mahmoud Elshobary
The Future for Systems Technology - FuTech Systems

Great product by the young Egyptian innovators… Well done.

Noha Labib Seddik

Fabulous Product

Mohammed Goda
Co-Founder/CEO at Kashef Labs

tech specs

Need more info? Please have a look at the tech specs of Touchizer. We’ve used Latest technology & quality materials

Touchizer Pen

Touchizer Detector


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